Monday, June 24, 2013


Do you love artichokes? Here is a great way to prepare them - never thought to take the choke out before cooking. Also never realized the heart extends down into the stem - been throwing away all that goodness!!! As long as you don't add a bunch of oil, butter, mayo.... This is a really low calorie, high fiber, high folic acid, treat!

Follow this link for a video on how to prepare them.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The truth about soda pop

So True.  I did research and find that while the video was produced by Coca-Cola, the voice over is not the original.  The original video voice over doesn't list all the dangers of the artificial sweeteners and still encourages drinking Coca-Cola products.  It just builds up how wonderful they are for providing low and no calorie choices and putting low and no calorie beverages in school vending machines.  The truth is what is said in this voice over.  The sad thing is it's not just Coca-Cola, Pepsie and the others are just as bad for our health and just as big of a contributing factor to the Obesity Epidemic.

You are better off sticking to water. Water will keep you hydrated and flush the toxins out of your body.  Herbal Tea, water with a splash of fruit juice, fruit infused water, Herbalife Beverage Mix, Herbalife 24 Hydrate, and Herbalife H3O are all good options if you need more flavor than water offers - or need electrolyte replacement during or after a workout.

I just saw this video today and had to share it, after researching to find out if Coca-Cola was actually being so honest. Too bad it's only partly the company. True Corporate responsibility would be so refreshing in this war on unhealthy obesity.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Staying on track when on the run

One of the biggest challenges I found when starting this journey was staying on track when I was on the run - which is most of the time.  It never failed I was running late, it was time for my snack, I was starving, and I had nothing, so would have to grab something, anything, to get my blood sugar back up.  

Unfortunately, whatever was handy was usually NOT what was healthy! Have you ever run into a convenience store and really looked at what your options are?  Not usually healthy. You may get lucky and find a piece of fruit or a cheese stick for $1, it'll probably cost more than that.

Now I make sure I prepare all my snacks for the day before I leave the house for the day.  Even if I think I'll be home for all of my snacks, I make sure there is something in my purse for just in case. My favorite go to snack for emergencies is a "trail mix" I make up.  I look for a base to start with and beef it up.  Ultimately I like to have seeds, nuts, and a little dried fruit for carbs.  A common mix is Dried Edemame, almonds, Pepita's, cranberries / raisins.  Sometimes there are sunflower kernels mixed in too.  Since there is no sugar laden chocolate or yogurt covering this keeps well even if left in a hot car all day.  Starkist seasoned tuna packets can be another great protein snack, my friend Mary will core an apple and fill the apple with the sweet and spicy tuna for a snack. Herbalife Soynuts and a piece of fruit are also good for keeping around.

The biggest tip is to be prepared.  Have options you can carry around all the time, as well as snack stuff at home (cottage cheese with fresh or frozen fruit, plain Greek yogurt w/ fresh or frozen fruit - no added sugar, An Herbalife Shake can be a snack as well as a meal....)  I know some people carry a small cooler with an ice pack during the hotter months and load it with snacks - fruit, cheese sticks, veggies, etc. That is a little too much work for me lol, but if it fits for you then do it!  It really is about making good nutrition fit your lifestyle. Do you have access to a fridge at work? Keep some snacks there. Don't have access to a fridge, keep snacks that don't have to be kept cool in your desk or locker (or a mini cooler there).  The possibilities are endless if you just think about it and plan.

I know there are several of you out there who may have other ideas as well, please share them in the comments section so we can all support each other.

Until next time.......

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mission Statement, of sorts

Welcome to my first adventure in blogging. My intention is to create a blog filled with health information, tips, advice, and tools to make living a healthy, active lifestyle a reality for anyone who wants to take control of their health.

First a little about me and my journey, what makes me qualified to be a wellness coach.  I have struggled with my weight, and energy, my whole life.  I also had digestive issues - but since they had been present almost since birth (just ask my mom, she would be more than HAPPY to share the stories) I thought it was normal.  I have been on so many different diets that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired - as well as getting heavier and heavier with each one.  Then I was introduced to Herbalife.  Herbalife is based on good cellular nutrition (that means getting the nutrition our body needs, all the way to the cellular level). When your body gets that amazing nutrition, it gets to a healthy state.  Not necessarily over night (you didn't get unhealthy overnight either), but it can be quick IF you change your lifestyle.  Warning - in order to get lasting results you have to be willing to change your lifestyle, or you WILL go right back to where you started as soon as you start eating like you used to.  That isn't to say you can never have another Reeses Peanut Butter Cup or slice of pizza again. All things in moderation.  Since beginning my wellness journey, Suplimented with Herbalife Cellular Nutrition and a few targeted products I have shrunk 23 PANT SIZES!!!! Lost 88 lbs!!!!!! And I have lost 164 INCHES OF FAT!!!!!!!!  Did that change MY life? YES!!!! I now have the energy to not only be with my kids, but compete in Sports Martial Arts with them (Side note - I recently took 2 golds and a silver in our Utah Summer Games Karate Tournament. I'm not telling you that as a yay me, but to show where I am compared to the lack of energy I had before).

Because this healthy lifestyle has changed my life, I am now a personal wellness coach, giving back as I guide people down their own versions of the path I have trod.

Enough about me.  My intention is to share with you what I have learned on my journey. I will be sharing recipes, tips for eating out, tips for surviving family gatherings without sacrificing your health (btw, proper nutrition could prevent much of the stress brought out at large family gatherings). Please share this blog with others and feel free to ask questions or add your own tips and advice for eating clean and living a healthy active lifestyle.  Join me tomorrow for our first tip.