Monday, December 2, 2013

90 day fitness fitness... Day 85-90

Day 85 Here we go, the last week!!!!

2 min Squat Swings, rest 1 min
2 min Push up T stands, rest 1 min
1 min / leg lunge knee ups, 30 sec rest in between legs, 1 min rest after both legs
1 min mountain climbers
3 rep bicep curls (30 sec full curls, 30 sec from mid way up, 30 sec from bottom to midway), rest 1 min
1 min / leg step ups, 30 sec rest in between legs, 1 min rest after both legs
1 min straight leg squat thrust, rest 1 min
1 min Hundreds, rest 1 min

Day 86 CARDIO!!!!!!

Day 87 Repeat Day 85

Day 88 CARDIO!!!!!

Day 89  Only 1 day away from completion!!!!!!!!

CARDIO - 20 min HIIT

Day 90 LAST DAY!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Retake the fitness test. %0 size of each exercise with no more than 10 search rest in between

speed squat
high knees
push ups
squat jumps
tricep dips
alternating lunges
elbow plank

Well, how did you do? Let me know so we can celebrate your success!!!! Then reward yourself for completing all 90 days - no food rewards, do something special - maybe buy a new outfit since your clothes are probably too big now, or a spa treatment, maybe a new pair of earrings, or just some relaxing you time.....