Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prescription vs food

When we used to watch TV in our house (who has time now?) I was always shocked when a commercial came on for a prescription drug - the list of possible side effects would make me think "really? With that list of possible side effects, would I really be better off than if I didn't take the drug and just lived with whatever the drug was for? Do any of you ever have similar thoughts as you watch the list of possible side effects scroll by?

What if I were to tell you many, if not all, of the things we get prescribed medication for can be taken care of with food? Side effects: feel better, more energy, the body is nourished, you healthier.... The list goes on, but they are all HEALTHY side effects, unlike death or suicidal tendencies, lack of interest in sex (okay - you may want your teen to have that side effect lol) that are common with prescription medications.  Here is a list of the 7-most-prescribed-drugs-in-the-world-and-their-natural-counterparts. Pretty fascinating. The more I learn, the more I wonder why anyone would want to put chemicals into their body that mask the problem by reducing / eliminating the symptom - but causing so many more (how many people do you know that are on 3 or 4 medications and 1-3 of them are to counteract the symptoms of one of the other medications?  Why not just give your body the nutrients it needs in order to take care of the underlying problem - the symptoms will go away and you'll be healthier!!!