Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The power of Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition is just what it sounds like - getting nutrition all the way to the cellular level. . Nutrients pass through the villi in your intestines to your cells.  To achieve optimal health your cells need to be nourished with the best nutrients possible. Unfortunately things like stress, aging, environmental toxins, unhealthy eating habits, certain medications, among other things can damage and plug up these villi. Essentially instead of passing through a shag carpet the nutrients pass over a slip and slide.  Minimal nutrient absorption happens. It doesn't matter how healthy and nutritious the food you are eating is, if it isn't absorbed through your villi - it does you no good.

The good news is, with Herbalife's patented Cell Activator this can be reversed.  Cell Activator is a proprietary blend of herbs that goes in and cleans out, heals, and protects the villi so that your body can once again function as it was designed to.

Once your body is absorbing nutrients to the cellular level your energy will increase, your immune system will improve, your health will improve.  Your cells will be healthy and happy cells - which equates into a healthy, happy you.  Think about it, your cells are constantly replicating. If they are unhealthy, malnourished cells (not saying you aren't eating right, they just aren't able to get the nutrients) and they replicate - what are they going to replicate? Unhealthy, malnourished cells. In addition, have you ever made xerox copies and noticed when you copy a copy - eventually the copy isn't as good as the original? The same degradation happens when our cells copy themselves. Now what if you could reverse that? What if your cells became better copies of themselves - so when they replicate, they are replicating something closer to the original? What if each time they are replicating they are getting closer to the master copy instead of further away? Fountain of youth? Maybe.  All I know is since I started taking Cell Activator every day I look and feel younger.