Monday, September 23, 2013

Soup's on!!!!!

Fall is in the air and  I'm starting to think soup is what's for dinner!

Unfortunately all of my former go to soups are laden with crap ingredients I not only don't want to put in my body, I don't want to feed to my family either. So this morning I began a quest for healthy homemade soups. I created soup boards on my Pinterest. I want to invite you to come follow me as I search out new healthy soups to try out.  I have 2 soup boards - one is simply titled "soups" - these are ready to go as is. Then I have a second soup board titled "Soups to tweek". Some of you may find them fine the way they are.  My family is working to eliminate processed sugar from our diet, and reduce unhealthy fats - so there are some soups here and the tweeks I'm going to do are listed in my comments. If you try one and make any tweeks please comment what you did and how it worked out for others to try. Check back often for new recipes to be added