Saturday, June 15, 2013

The truth about soda pop

So True.  I did research and find that while the video was produced by Coca-Cola, the voice over is not the original.  The original video voice over doesn't list all the dangers of the artificial sweeteners and still encourages drinking Coca-Cola products.  It just builds up how wonderful they are for providing low and no calorie choices and putting low and no calorie beverages in school vending machines.  The truth is what is said in this voice over.  The sad thing is it's not just Coca-Cola, Pepsie and the others are just as bad for our health and just as big of a contributing factor to the Obesity Epidemic.

You are better off sticking to water. Water will keep you hydrated and flush the toxins out of your body.  Herbal Tea, water with a splash of fruit juice, fruit infused water, Herbalife Beverage Mix, Herbalife 24 Hydrate, and Herbalife H3O are all good options if you need more flavor than water offers - or need electrolyte replacement during or after a workout.

I just saw this video today and had to share it, after researching to find out if Coca-Cola was actually being so honest. Too bad it's only partly the company. True Corporate responsibility would be so refreshing in this war on unhealthy obesity.